Environment-Friendly Marketing Campaigns

The printing industry ranks fourth in the world’s energy consumption, having a huge impact on human beings and wildlife in terms of resources and effects on the environment. Green printing techniques were developed in order to minimize the number of resources needed with standardized printing practices.EF

The methods of green printing include using recycled paper, energy efficient computers and equipment, remanufactured laser tone cartridges and ink cartridges for printers and paperless information. Printing quality from recycled papers and remanufactured printing cartridges is generally the same as using non-recycled supplies.

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Environment-Friendly PrintingEnvironment-Friendly Printing

Eliminates unnecessary cost and waste associated with enterprise and individual printing activities. It’s sustainable, cost-effective and there’s no need to abuse natural resources when utilizing recycled resources. Don’t worry; green printing does not effect quality at all. In fact, green printing ensures project quality superiority because of the rigorous cleaning and binding process recycled materials go through prior to being reused.

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Green DesignGreen Design

Our efforts in sustainability don’t end at paper or ink choices, rather they extend all the way to project creation and design. Our designers keep the environment in mind by thinking about minimal ink coverage when working, embracing white space as part of the design, and knowing which Pantone colors are on the EPA’s watch-list for hazardous compounds. We deploy eco-conscious techniques that keep the environment in mind when conceptualizing designs.

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Eco FulfillmentEco Fulfillment

The bigger the job the better our resource saving, which leaves you with a good feeling about your printing. Due to our use of soy-based inks based of a minimum of 55% bio-derived, renewable and sustainable raw materials even our ink is an environmentally friendly choice. Your fulfillment requests receive the same green treatment as any other project and your carbon footprint shrinks regardless of the size or variety of assets needed to get the job done.

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