Farm Tree Paper vs. Recycled Paper

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Farm tree or virgin fiber paper is essentially made from wood pulp. Pulp mills make pulp, a mixture of cellulose fibers and water used as a basis of all paper products. Recycled paper is made from these used paper products.

According to statistical studies recycled paper has the most environmental benefits, saves the most resources, and avoids the most toxins and pollution.

Below is the comparison between a virgin fiber paper and recycled paper in terms of resources and other products.

Virgin Fiber Paper
1 ton
100% Recycled Paper
1 ton
Trees 24 trees 0 trees
Energy 33 million BTUs 22 million BTUs
Greenhouse Gases
CO2 Equivalent
5601 pounds 3533 pounds
Waste Water 22,853 gallons 11.635 gallons
Solid Waste 1,922 pounds 1,171 pounds
source Paperwork © 2012


Recycled paper usage is still a relatively new method. Currently, only 10 percent of the total world production of paper is recycled. Persuading individuals and offices to adopt recycled paper usage will take time because the general awareness still needs to be spread and controversies against the use of recycled paper have to be tackled. Tree cutting for paper will be inevitable now and in the future. At the moment more awareness is required to use the paper waste products for producing recycled paper so that time is allotted for trees to grow for future purposes, hence creating a balance between usage of both virgin fiber paper and recycled paper.


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