Take Advantage Of Metro Impact’s Completely Automated Fulfillment Services

Outsourcing the fulfillment of your marketing campaign needs provides many financial advantages and alleviates the costs of setting up a warehouse, staffing, managing, securing, and developing technology solutions to perform your own fulfillment. Outsourcing not only reduces the need for this investment it allows your business to scale with ease. Metro Impact’s automated software allows clients to manage their fulfillment projects in an efficient and simple way.

Accurate Domestic, Worldwide And Multilingual Services

In addition to the advantages listed above, we offer multi lingual and global fulfillment services. Metro Impact’s global business expertise and skills ensure the implementation of cost-friendly shipping along with seamless delivery to all locations. An easy-to-manage coordination between our printers and your marketing team and open communication ensure that your print products are delivered on time with zero mistakes.

In the event you do not have your own materials and guidelines for the assembly of your fulfillment job, Metro Impact will work with you as needed to design and produce custom designs and packaging specific requirements.

Effective Technologies/Software

Electronic document imaging, web-based electronic order management and real-time inventory simplify and expedite project workflows. Unlike agencies, which rely on third parties, we fulfill your orders ourselves – hassle-free while meeting your unique specifications for each asset. We work closely with your marketing team to ensure that every store and project gets the attention it deserves and generate instructions for the recipient of materials so they know exactly what to do with your order.

24/7 Support Team

Metro Impact provides 24/7 support as well as updates on the status of your order.

Packaging Capabilities

• Shrink wrapping
• Hot/cold glue
• Die cutting
• Soft seal application
• Poly bagging
• Clam shell assembly
• Custom corrugate and inner packing designs


Metro Impact streamlines the shipping process to guarantee on-time deliveries. We support every type of POP/POS display assembly regardless of size, complexity or necessity. We are able to support various clients’ customized rules for point of purchase and point of sale assemblies with multiple kitting requirements.

Whether you are a small business owner hoping to make a lasting impression to visitors, or you just need to provide instructional sheet printing to accompany POP material shipments, you will appreciate our highly competitive turnaround time and rush order capability.

Other Services

At Metro Impact, we also provide the following services:

• Green shipping material
• Continuity (auto shipping) programs management
• Documentation for international shipments
• Clients, reports as required
• Storage Service

Fulfillment Service
Fulfillment Service
Fulfillment Service
Fulfillment Service