ProcessHere at Metro Impact we focus on three core components: Pricing visibility, price containment and project management. We wholeheartedly believe that the quickest way to thorough success is transparency throughout the entire process, from addressing budgetary concerns to implementing design changes; we’ve managed thousands of print jobs of all sizes, shapes and designs. Providing large printing for the biggest industries in the world has helped our reputation grow into one of the most trusted printers in New England and internationally.

We pride ourselves by employing a dedicated staff of multi-lingual print, design and Project Management Professionals (PMP) holding MBAs and Six Sigma certifications. We are properly staffed to seamlessly manage your project from inception to realization. The differentiator between Metro Impact and other companies is that we are printing and project management professionals that have decades of experience nationwide and internationally. Customer service is of utmost importance to us and our agents are here to answer all of your questions from print to delivery along the way.

We factor in the size of your print budget, your existing technology and your current print buying resources. You will benefit from our knowledge of market pricing, our extensive print buying experience and access to resources that are able to complete any job. Our online desk for clients gives you the solution to easily and quickly monitor your print projects and help you reduce cycle times. By utilizing this online system you can modify your entire order, view upcoming completions and have a first-person perspective of where we our in the process of taking your ideas to market.

ShippingOur fulfillment services are heralded as one of the best in the industry. To learn how Metro Impact and your company can work together to increase efficiency and deliverability of your assets, visit or fulfillment information page.

Fulfillment Service

Customer Service

Our customer service representatives are trained to provide exceptional service and answer your questions on a 24/7 basis. Made apparent through our reputation, Metro Impact has established reliability, trust and quality among our current client base seeking guidance and assistance throughout the printing process. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are offering print booking services or are a marketing firm. We accept single service requests and offer service level agreements on a retainer basis.

Regardless of your budget flexibility, needs versus resources, or if you need a designer to conceptualize your ideas with you, our customer service representatives will address and solve your requests at any time.

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Process Reports

Knowledge is power. Better information leads to better buying and business decisions. Our reporting solution allows you to break out, track and report key metrics of your print buys. Sustainable print cost reduction relies on a clear understanding of supplier pricing structures, real-time information management, cycle-times, and effective buying practices.

ReportingReport Access Data:
Supply pricing control
Spending on AA’s last year
Sales tax and shipping costs
Out-of-country production time
RFQ index to final invoice by supplier
Supplies spend/used during previous quarter




Centralized print management program improves buying efficiency and reduces cycle-times.

Process Re-engineering
A top to bottom process review of current supplier performance, procedures, contracts and technology systems. With this information we are better able to guarantee improvement in your current print buying solutions and provide top tier customer service. Through understanding your current budget, technology utilized to fulfill orders and turnaround times, Metro Impact looks to reengineer what your company is currently doing to dramatically increase performance and satisfaction.

Buy Negotiation
As a buying agent we insure suppliers adhere to fair margins based on competitive market conditions. If the supplier we are working with isn’t coming to a contractual agreement with us, we look elsewhere. Our resources and relationships allow us flexibility in the buying process and we bring these skills directly to you and your company.

Technology Integration
Features include: 48 hour price quotes, real-time project tracking, on-line reporting, high speed file transfers and more. Technology can often get in the way of useful data, but our interface allows you to remain in-the-know from inception to completion of your printing project and promotional materials.

Management Reporting
Our real-time reporting helps you make smart decisions based on key success metrics. Understand timelines, fulfillment schedules and what your business really needs with our management reporting system. No matter the time, you will always be able to access tangible information throughout the duration of your printing project.

Project Management
Your dedicated project manager will oversee project timelines, budgets, approvals, file transfers, distribution, and reporting. Our project managers are professionals in the space and possess MBAs and Six Sigma certifications. We are properly staffed to seamlessly manage your project from inception to realization.

Creative Archiving
This process allows you to store and view creative project files, access job history, and order print jobs online. Never lose track of your prior work orders with us and always have access to a former job that you need to reorder.


Our understanding of supplier pricing becomes your power to effectively manage supplier margins.

Net Print Pricing
Our net print pricing program helps you understand competitive net pricing landscape. With visibility into supply chain pricing, we ensure that suppliers are held to a reasonable markup when quoting your job. We work with the best in the business, but that doesn’t mean we don’t negotiate the best for your budget.

Central Print Management
Our Central Print Management (CPM) Program helps you control expenses by standardizing buying practices throughout your company. Variable volume buying and understanding cost efficiency will allow you to receive the biggest return on your printing investment.

Buy Team Collaboration
Working with your print buy team, we install best-of-class buying programs, systems and processes. We don’t go to suppliers on our own, rather we have a strategy on getting the best deal and know who will honor that prior to hitting the market.

Supplier Sourcing
When current resources are not aligned with job requirements, we research and deliver qualified suppliers. Much like buy negotiation, our work isn’t done until we’ve discovered and solidified the best resources for your project on the market.

Supplier Optimization
Ensures that no supplier is put in a position where they can fail. We review capabilities and equipment and match capabilities to job specs. Whatever your budget may be, we always plan accordingly. Suppliers’ success is our success, so we make sure we collaborate with those ready to deliver.

Custom-key Technology
Our technology is easy to use and customizable to your information capture needs. You’ll realize cost savings and enjoy reduced cycle times as well as total oversight during your printing process.

Component Costing/Bundling
By breaking jobs into component parts and bundling production we increase print-run efficiency. This allows us to check boxes and seamlessly complete each task until your printing requests are flawlessly fulfilled.